Monday, August 2, 2010


Yes, I hired a sitter so I could clean out boxes while Hubby was out of town. Lots of boxes went bye-bye. Out of his icky papers, I reduced 5 boxes into 3 smaller boxes. Just take a look!

Here's before

And here's after!

And for the shelves beside the freezer - here's before...
And here's AFTER!!
Yes, folks, that's right I have some EMPTY SHELVES IN MY GARAGE!!!

I also emptied the cedar chest of stuff I haven't looked at in 2 years and refilled it with blankets and pillows. I cleaned out one of those like 30 gallon plastic bins of "Precious Childhood Memorabilia" and now that box is 1/4 full. I gathered things to go to goodwill. I collected things to give away on Craigslist (does goodwill really want a box of random craft supplies? I think not.)
I cleaned out the outside freezer and threw away anything with the years 2006, 2007, 2008 or 2009 included in their "use before" date. But, I still kept the top of our wedding cake from 2002. Not that I plan to eat it, ever, but I still can't part with it. I threw out old medicines that Hubby would insist were still good. I threw away a whole container of growing stuff from the fridge without even opening it. I found 2 things to return to LL Bean and placed my order for their replacements.

I did NOT get my lunches packed for this week. I did NOT pump enough to get my milk supply back up to where it should be. I did NOT manage to wash my hair until this morning, and therefore skipped going to church with icky hair. I DID inventory my milk supply in the freezer and determined that I could use 4 bags per week and run out exactly on Quint's first birthday. And then I promptly sent 2 bags to daycare with him today. I did NOT get the microwave cleaned out. I did NOT get the fridge wiped out. But I can do those two with small fry underfoot.

Not gonna wallow in the stuff I didn't get done. Because just look at those pictures!!!

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