Thursday, August 5, 2010


My little man is understanding more and more of what I say. Monday and Tuesday of this week, he was whimpery or whiny because I had woken him up to strip him naked, AKA change his clothes and diaper. And who would like that anyway? All warm and cozy and asleep to nearly completely naked within about 5 minutes. Both mornings, during his complaining, I said to him something like, "But we're going to Priscilla's." And his mood changed instantly. Much happier baby. Awesome that he like's Priscilla's that much!

This morning, I woke him up and let him nurse a little so he could wake up happier. After a while, I said to him, "when you're done nursing, we're going to go give you a bath." Immediately, his eyes lit up, he released, sat up and smiled. "Are you ready for a bath?" The smile brightened by a few watts. "Well ok, let's get to it!" Lots of fun in the tub.

My sister says that he probably understands 90% of what I say to him. With that in mind, I try to talk to him more and give him options. He usually has an opinion. I've started telling him what we're about to do and things go smoother as a result.

It's amazing how errands fall into two categories now: Things I can do with a sleeping child in the backseat and things that require me hauling him inside with me. Yesterday, I met someone for a craigslist purchase, dropped off stuff at Goodwill, got gas, and picked up Hubby all while Quint snoozed in the backseat. This childcare thing is getting easier!

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