Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Random thoughts

If anyone else in Tennessee loves Sue Grafton novels (Kinsey Milhone series), I'd love to email you back and forth. I'd love to visit Santa Barbara one day and visit all the code name streets in the book. I suspect the Cabana Blvd in the book is Cabrillo Blvd for instance. I'd love to visit the bird refuge (oddly located near the 101) and walk her jogging route.

On another note, our little boy is quite the sleeper. Last night we put him down for his 7pm nap, which is usually about 30 or 45 minutes. He woke up at 10 pm, nursed a bit, and gave me the body language that says, "lay me back down" so I put him back to bed. He nursed again at 3 or 4, but slept through until 7am! That's 12 hours of sleep my little man got.

We expect a growth spurt at any time now. I guess I should mark his height on the door facing downstairs like tonight!

I've got a bunch of supplies for my scrapbook project. I choose a 12x12 inch scrapbook with a 3 ring binder. This morning, I put all the stuff with dates in date order. I've got one picture I need to print of seamen sleeping in hammocks - Bob isn't pictured, but he makes reference to the hammocks in his letter. I've got a pile of page protectors and a package of "black refills". Neither package is enough for the whole project, but I really don't want a lot of left overs from this project. If I finish it this weekend, I can send it to the family reunion in September! Right now, that seems possible. We'll see once I get into it tonight.

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