Friday, August 20, 2010

Don't Read this one Hubby!

Seeing how I think there is a snowball's chance in you know where that Hubby will read this, I'm going to let everyone in on a project I'm doing for his Christmas.

My mother-in-law sent me a crumbling old scrapbook of Hubby's grandfather's WWII experience. I've started separating the articles from the quickly disintegrating paper and learning how to preserve them properly.

So, first step is un-sticking them.
Second step is scanning them into the computer.
Third step is deciding how I want to preserve them (will everything go into protective sleeves, or should I re-mount some one sided things? Should I organize things by date, or keep the original order?)
Fourth step is actually creating a scrapbook out of the nearly 70 year old pieces of paper.
Fifth step is making a digital scrapbook with all the pieces so other people can have a less delicate copy.

The separating and scanning have to be done at home while Hubby is not home and Quint is asleep. I'm not hauling my computer and printer to work to scan them in while I stay late to work on this. After that messy process, I can do the rest at work (not on the clock of course). I'll be able to store all the parts and supplies in a box, spread them all out on a conference table, and re-store them all pretty easily.

So far, I've spent exactly $12 on supplies for the project and haven't wasted any money so far! I've used a fancy spatula to un-stick glue and I've bought a new exacto knife. I'm halfway through unsticking them and probably only a quarter (or less) of the way through scanning them.

But here's some fun pictures from what I've scanned so far. If you click on the images, the computer will give you a bigger version that you can read. Click the back button on your browser to get back to the blog.

Don is on the left and Bob is on the right.
These three are of the same image. On the old scrapbook page, someone had labeled this photo Mr. Adams. Here's some photos for genetic comparison.
And the eyes have it!

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  1. That is a really nice project! I think he will love it!