Monday, August 16, 2010

Lovely weekend

We spent this weekend in Texas with my parents. We flew down on Friday morning and flew back Sunday evening. The goals for the weekend were to eat too much, watch the baby crawl around on the floor, and take the boat out on the lake. Goals accomplished.

This is the first time we've been there since Quint got really mobile and he was all over the place. Lots of new toys to explore, a slippery tile floor to play on, two friendly dogs, two grandparents, one aunt and lots of snacks he probably shouldn't have. Quint would crawl over to the tile floor, crawl a little way, and then obviously slide is legs out flat and swing his torso back and forth across the smoothness. Lots of baby giggles.

Maggie, the Boston Terrier puppy pictured, really loved to try to lick Quint on the mouth. This can come as quite a shock when the puppy loped across the room to deliver a kiss. But the first time I told Quint he could push the puppy away (and demonstrated) he started defending his mouth. Maggie had to spend a lot of time outside due to the excessive kissing. Heidi, the Boston Terrier matron, tried to get Quint to throw the ball for her. If anyone else only threw the ball 18 inches, she would look at us like "really? That's all you've got?" But when Quint thought and thought and thought and then managed to throw the ball 18 inches, she would dive for it as if it were a real challenge. Quint had fun crawling around in a huge circle and finding people in different rooms of the house.

Out on the lake, we put him in his blue speedo outfit while the boat was moving. It takes 3 people to get him into or out of that thing when it's wet so we all got our exercise.

Check out my hotness, horribly bent hat, psoriasis, and ecstatic baby!

The biggest hit of the lake was this thingy.

Quint absolutely loved it! It could hold up his whole weight and there was no way that he could get out of it. He could still splash the water between the two dark blue rings, and he could kick his feet like mad. He kept doing this both feet together kick thing as if he were a merman. We could pass him from one person to another and he just loved it. It cost about $17 at Walgreens and was Soooooo worth it. It deflates and folds to the size of a dinner plate. It only takes about 2 or 3 minutes of blowing to blot it up. He was secure enough that I took my life jacket back off and just played in the lake like normal.

Late that night, we scrubbed and filled the blue baby pool on the porch and gave Quint his bath there. It was fun! And then he smelled like a million bucks. He was very good about naps and when we put him down, he would just konk right out. Very handy.

Several times during the weekend, I would look around at everyone. Four adults watching a baby play on the floor with bright, goofy smiles on their faces. I wanted to get that in a picture, but it's hard to capture 4 people standing in a 20 foot circle. There were many hours where I can't tell you what we did, but time was spent on the floor with toys and silly, repetitive phrases like "but no" and "you got it" and "throw it" and "you do it." Lots of good video clips of Quint giggling with people. And for once, the little chime when I turn on the camera didn't make Quint stop what he was doing. At home, when he's doing something cute and I turn on the camera, he looks around and makes a B-line for the camera so he can slobber on it. At my folks house, he was having so much fun that he didn't hear the chime and would just continue what he was doing.

Spectacular visit! Even though it was August in Texas.

The flight home was another story for another time

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  1. How's he handle the life jacket? My little man HATED his - you'd think it was burning his skin the way he reacted!