Friday, August 6, 2010

I'm a mom

You know you're a mom, when.....

Last night, I was sick and this morning I had a bad sinus headache and still felt like crap from the 2am vomiting. I called in sick today. I got up at the regular time, took Quint to daycare, returned home and went back to bed for 4 hours. About 3pm, I noticed that I felt a lot better. And I realized that if I really hustled my buns, I could sweep, mop, AND WAX all the hardwoods before I needed to go get Quint.

When I was a kid, and mom stayed home sick, there was always a cake fresh baked when we got home from school. When I was about 10, I pointed this out to her one day when she stayed home sick and there was NOT a cake baked. She stared at me blankly and said, "why did you think there would be a cake baked?" I said, "Usually you get to feeling better in the afternoon and I guess you think it sounds like a good idea."

I really hope that Quint doesn't grow up associating a sick Mama to fresh waxed floors.... but there are worse things.

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